Change is in us

Are these the colors of your clandestine mind?
Continue searching it’s always hard to find, an answer to a riddle that resides deep inside.
You can try.
You can fail.
Or you could succeed.
On the run from yourself,
Remember, pick up speed.
You can see the seven seas and hold all the wonder,
or you could find love in the heart of  helping a helpless other.
Find truth in the beautiful eyes of a mother.
A tigress with the stripes to prove she’s been in the gutter,
but the sun always shines on a new day.
You can never take back the ugly words you say.
Forever they’ll stay in the heart forgiven or not, so in your mind here’s a start, always shine in the dark.
I can’t promise life, but I can  promise gratitude.
Thankful people, hopeful people, just change your attitude.
Change is in you.


Photo and poem by Tara Turiello.

“Secret love”



Secret love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


“Let’s the bells ring, and let the boy sing, let the cup go around.” John Fletcher


   Secret love

You bare your words, exposing secret places and thoughts. Elegant words and face haunt my thoughts.

I imagine you close to me. Your soft and gentle face near. Your eyes allowing me to adrift forever in your eyes.

I refrain from passing the point of no return. I’m compelled to read your words and look at your beautiful face, intangible gestures from a lonely and desperate man.

I bathe in the quiet and I’m doomed to write love letters that are nameless. I crumble to safe places where no payment is due.

I dreamed of night beauty turning to day splendor, having you near and us fleeing away from naysayers.  You told me. Lay bare our secrets and open up endless fables and songs…

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You wanted me to let you know,

When all the roses are dead.

Pricked fingers from thorns.

I watch your eyes roll back while

I call your name.

The street lights dim as the sun marks a grave

Just until morning comes,

The moon comes out to play.

We wait for a revelation in every which way

The beast comes to attack all you can do is pray.

You can’t tame a monster he’s designed to kill,

The one in your head telling you how to live.

Swimming through your veins he pulls you with the tide,

Taking pride in knowing the darkness is where you reside.



You should hold me close, cause I might let go.
Follow, follow me down my road of sorrow.
Wait, wait, wait, I can’t give no more.
Gotta feed my family, so we can eat tomorrow.
Hands reach out to touch, they grab everything….
But you can’t grab too much for they see everything.
A dark room with you, one comes out alive. Rip each other apart and hold onto pride. Hate, hate, hate, hate, they wanna see you fail. You can stand up and say “I’ll be back tomorrow.” It could rain, rain, rain, baby it could pour. Thunder and lightning struck said you can’t take no more.  Came in heart, heart, heartless, said you tripped and fell. You made it through the rain now endure the hail.

Enjoy the view.

Like the rain outside, soaked and cold.
That’s where you left my heart to dry,
You were saying we could be the same, I caved in, oh I was so nieve. Thought it was you to save me now I see…
My love was secondary.

You’ve got this curse on me,
I implode.
You make things so blurry, you throw salt
In my wounds.
While you play
me a fool,
over and over again.
Here’s to staying true.
Never needed you to enjoy the view.

Throw your hands in the air
Grab a white flag, put yourself together.
I surrender to the chaos around.
Resides in my bed,
All I see is red.
Like a shot of liquid gold good for the soul, but only for a while.

Good times get old, I don’t wanna hang forever. You say you want it badly, whisper baby love you madly. I say no, no, no.

You’ve got this curse on me,
I implode.
You make things so blurry, you throw salt
In my wounds.
While you play
me a fool,
over and over again.
Here’s to staying true.
Never needed you to enjoy the view.



I can see paradise, between blurred lines. Giving submission to an unclear disposition. The thought burns my eyes, like sipping liquor slowly. Let the hope run through my veins. Sedating all my pain. Once a prisoner in my own hell. Condemning myself a recluse, to never leave the solitude of my brain that became my cell. Trapped inside the contents of my mind. A dark, desolate place sunlight could never find. Like lonely cries from a wolf whose too soon to howl at the moon. He stands alone. A leader wounded from damaged pride. You can scar a warrior but a warrior never dies.